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  • Disaster Relief
  • Preparedness Seeds
  • Emergency Supplies
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WSK, Wholesale Survival Kits, is the wholesale arm of Guardian Survival Gear. Our core products are comprehensive survival and preparedness kits. WSK also offers e-commerce business set-up and marketing tools, custom branded kits, and a world-class drop-ship and bulk-ship fulfillment service. Our mission is to provide high quality, useful products to our resellers and business partners to help prepare the world. All of this is done behind the scenes to make our partners look great and to support the branding of their products and companies.

If you would like to become a reseller or create custom branded products and kits, pleaseĀ click here.

If you are here to purchase a Survival Kit for yourself, please refer to the Featured Resellers banner above that link to our many preferred resellers.