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Due to demand we are temporarily replacing the standard red wheel bag (BWB) with the camo wheel bag (BWB-CM).





Due to demand we may temporarily replace the standard red BBP with a similar red backpack.








TFF - Fix a Flat


This item has been discontinued and has been removed from our auto kit series. The SKAK, SKUK, and the SKRG will no longer contain the TFF within the survival kit. Please make the appropriate adjustments on your website to reflect this change.




Due to the extreme product demand from the current earthquake disaster. These items will temporarily be unavailable for individual purchase from our website and will be reserved exclusively for our Emergency Survival Kits and current purchase orders. 

SWSB - Emergency Survival Sleeping Bag

BBP - Elite Multi-pocket Hikers Backpack

BWB - Wheel Bag

BCM - Camo Bag

SWEP - Emergency Poncho with Hood

SWTT - 2-Person Tube Tent with Cord

SWBL - Emergency Blanket

LCR - Am/Fm Radio w/ Headphones 

LCRH - Am/Fm Radio (batteries included)

LCQF - Squeeze Powered Flashlight

LCW5 - 5-in-1 Survival Whistle

TNC - 50 Feet of Strong Nylon Rope

TPS - Portable Stove w/Fuel Tablets

FAPF - 37 Piece Portable First Aid Kit

FA107 - 107 Piece First Aid Kit

T95 - Respirator Dust Mask 

HDK - Deluxe Hygiene Kit 

FWWP - One Water Pouch

FWWP PK - Six Pack of Water Pouches 

FWWP CS - Case of Water Pouches

FW24 - 2,400 Calorie Food Bar

FW36 - 3,600 Calorie Food Bar

ESPC - Survival Playing Cards

LCBS - Bright Stick



Due to extreme product demand from the current earthquake disaster.

3 FAPF (37 Piece First Aid Kit) will be replacing the FA107 (107 Piece First Aid Kit) as of 7/10/19.



Starting 7/9/19 these SKU’s may be replaced as follows:

Pocket Tissues -> Individually wrapped rolls of toilet paper

Notepad -> 10 index cards (note: the index cards and golf pencil will be placed in their own bag)



Due to high demand, lead times are now up to four weeks as of 07/05/19


In Observance of Independance Day We Will Closed on 07/04/19


In observance of Independance day we will be closed on 07/04/19 and open from 10am-2pm on 07/05/19.







In Observance of the Memorial Day, Holiday WSK/ Guardian Survival Gear will be closed on 5/27/19


In Observance of the Memorial Day, Holiday WSK/Guardian Survival Gear will be closed on 5/27/19. We will resume fulfillment for our valued resellers on 5/28/19. Please note that all orders submitted over the weekend will be subject to our 2-5 business day fulfillment lead time starting 5/28/19. Happy Holidays!



We thank all those who have paid the ultimate sacrifice for our freedom.


New Wise Food Storage Pricing and Discontinued SKUs -May 2019


Our Wise Food Storage products have new pricing. Please refer to the product chart for updated information.


Discontinued Products

The following SKUs have been permanently discontinued by the manufacturer and will no longer be available:


FS112 - NEW 1 Month Emergency Food Supply for 1 Person

FSU72 - NEW Ultimate 72 Hour Kit (72 Servings, Water Filter, Fire)

FS7D - NEW 7 Day Emergency Food Supply

FS56 - 56 Serving Grab n Go Bucket

FS36 - 2880 Servings of Wise Emergency Food Storage

FSF360 - NEW 360 Serving Wise Fruit Bucket

FSF1080 - NEW 1080 Serving Wise Fruit Bucket

FSV360 - NEW 360 Serving Wise Vegetable Bucket

FSV1080 - NEW 1080 Serving Wise Vegetable Bucket

GFM104 - NEW Freeze Dried Meat Bucket - 104 Servings Gluten Free

FSGF3 - NEW Gluten-free Deluxe Savings Package - 3 Month Supply for 1 Person

FSGFU - NEW Gluten-free Ultimate Savings package - 6 Month Supply for 1 Person

FSP764 - NEW Gluten-free Premier Savings Package - 1 Month Supply for 1 Person

FSM480 - 480 Serving Wise Meat Bucket

FSM600 - 600 Serving Wise Meat Bucket

FSCDD - NEW Chocolate Dairy Delight - 6 PACK

FSDD - NEW Dairy Delight - 6 PACK

FSTB6 - NEW Tomato Basil Soup Cook in the Pouch - 6 PACK

FSCN6 - NEW Chicken Noodle Soup Cook in the Pouch - 6 PACK

FSMAC6 - NEW Cheesy Macaroni Cook in the Pouch - 6 PACK

FSSB6 - NEW Sliced Bananas - 6 PACK

FSSP6 - NEW Sliced Peaches - 6 PACK

FSSS6 - NEW Sliced Strawberries- 6 PACK

FSSM6 - NEW Strawberry Mousse - 6 PACK

FSVP6 - NEW Vanilla Pudding - 6 PACK

FSW1 - 1 Gallon Bucket Wise FIre

FSW4 - 4 Gallon Bucket Wise Fire



2018-2019 Holiday Cut Off Dates


Please keep all cut off dates in mind for holiday deliveries.

- Tuesday 12/11/2018 will be the last day to submit orders to be shipped on 12/14/2018 to guarantee arrival before Christmas Day via regular UPS Ground.


- Wednesday 12/12/2018 will be the last day to submit orders to be shipped on 12/17/2018 to guarantee arrival before Christmas Day via UPS 3 Day Select.


- Thursday 12/13/2018 will be the last day to submit orders to be shipped on 12/18/2018 to guarantee arrival by Christmas Eve via UPS 2nd Day Air.


- LTL shipments must be submitted by Monday 12/3/2018 in order to ship by 12/14/2018 in order to arrive by Christmas Eve via freight.


- Monday 12/17/2018 will be the last day to submit orders to be shipped on 12/20/2018 to guarantee arrival by Christmas Day via UPS Next Day Air.


All orders must be submitted by Noon MST.




First Aid Kits - April 2018

Plesae note we have a shortage of FA107's (107 PIece First Aid Kit) currently, they are being replaced with our custom first aid kit in a mylar bag along with a 37 Piece First Aid Kit (FAPF). Once we have the 107 PIece back in stock we will continue to use these again. Please let us know if there is a special request from your end customer.  


Wise Food Servings in FSDK and FSEK - March 2018

We have changed the description of the food included in both the Deluxe Food Storage Kit (FSDK) as well as the Essential Food Storage Kit (FSEK) to the description below. It will now be an assorted variety of the Wise Food Cook in the Pouch meals, including 8 Lunch/Dinner servings and 3 Breakfast servings (each pouch is 4 servings total). Please adjust your descriptions to reflect the change. 


SKMK Mini Bag - March 2018

The mini kits will no longer have the carabiner attached to the bag, we will have new photos available reflecting the change. 


AM/FM Radio (LCRH) - March 2018

The radio (LCRH) will no longer include headphones, please adjust your site and description accordingly. 


LCFR Replacement - February 2018

The Flashlight with Am/Fm Radio, Siren, and Cell Phone Charger (LCFR) will temporarily be replacing the Auto Guardian Flashlight (LCGD) in Auto Kits until our new LCGD's arrive in house. Please note this temporay adjustment is a better value to your customers. 


Tundra Fire Extinguisher (TFX) - January 2018

The TFX has been discontinued, please adjust your website to reflect this change. 


Red Wheel Bags (BWB) January 2018

Please note all wheel bag kits are being packed in the red duffle bags without wheels until further notice. If you have an order that specifically needs to be in a wheel bag please, let us know and we can hold the order. 


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