About Us


We realize the importance for every person in the world to be prepared with an emergency survival kit to sustain that individual for 72 hours until adequate help arrives. We do not cut costs by manufacturing low quality kits with inferior products. Our company decided in the very beginning that we were going to provide high quality products with adequate food, water, and other items which would actually assist in saving lives.

We believe in our products, and all Guardian Survival Gear employees are prepared themselves with survival kits in their homes and cars. We can not prevent disasters but we are dedicated to helping our customers make it through the tough times which will come.

The Search For A Great Survival Kit
The company was organized as the principals of the company were discussing the fact that each of them needed to be prepared with a “72 Hour Kit” in their homes and offices.  Trying to determine what items to include in a 72 Hour Kit was a daunting task.  When they compiled a list of life essentials that they wanted to include in their personal 72 Hour Kits they soon realized that the prices for these items was absolutely outrageous.  Over time this lead to the idea of creating a company which would assemble survival kits will all of the life necessities for one to survive a natural disaster or terrorist attack.

After over a thousand hours of research and talking to multiple survival experts the first “Guardian Survival Kit” was born.  The company then partnered with quality manufacturers throughout the U.S. and China to provide the highest quality emergency survival kits in the market.  

Commitment To Distributors
Our company wanted to provide great survival kits to distributors at a price so low they would not only profit from sales but they could offer their customers a great price as well. This is exactly what we have been doing since the very beginning.  This generous model has allowed our distributors to grow right along with us.  Our distributors are able to sell the kits we assemble for a price much lower than the cost of putting these items together through retail sources.

We believe that every home and car should contain a Guardian Survival Kit, for this reason we do not mark up our products as high as many wholesale companies. We believe in selling a large quantity of kits with lower prices than fewer kits with higher prices. We are dedicated to assisting our distributors sell large quantities of survival kits and make large profits. We look forward to working with your company to provide life saving tools to your customers.